sunset in black and white

sunset in black and white

I for one seldom see a sunset in monochrome, so here i converted one to black and white.
Sunset in full colour is definitely beautiful but it is equally beautiful in monochrome.



a perfect star, our sun! Beautiful image Dave, LOVE it as a monochrome!


So beautiful...


what a wonderful view!

Sylvia K

I have to agree with you, Dave, it is an awesome sunset in B&W! Wouldn't have thought about, but I do love it! Terrific capture as always! Have a great week!



Great atmosphere Love the star Beautiful

Photo Cache

you are so correct there.

happy valentine's day and have a lovely week.

Kay L. Davies

So wonderful, Dave.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Absolutely lovely photo in black and white.


B&W photography is a rarity nowadays. A novice in photography,I don't know how I take a B&W shot with my basic digital camera.

Stewart M

Hi - I know this is a black and white site, but a look at the colour shot would be good just to see how the composition etc seems to change with colour.

Its not that I dont like the BW, its just a point of interest! Cheers Stewart M


I love the melancholy look of a B & W sunset. Nicely done!


B&W photos are sometimes more colorfull as we use imagination. Beautiful photo! Thank you for sharing.


Very beautiful. The lighting is magical.


It takes my breath away!
I like the perspective and the subtlety of lines.
Great conversion.


breathtaking. the sunset looks like a sparkling star. great effect.

Greyscale Territory

Beautiful, romantic ambience in this monochrome sunset!


I like this very much. It's worked well in black and white.


You are absolutely right! What a great photo! :)


I like sunsets in color or monochrome. The streal of light on the water looks cool. Nice shot!


I agree with you 100% on sunsets being beautiful in monochrome or in color. This one is especially nice. The darks and lights of the capture against that gorgeous sun makes for a fabulous shot.

T. Becque

Absolutely agree with you - fantastic!


~ to see the setting is a moment that will forever make us have shed new light on how we can look at such in a different light...beautiful my friend...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Tommy Andre Nekkoy

I have one word for you my friend: MASTERPIECE !

David & Melanie

Perfect setting for a sunset. What a fantastic shot! David/ Houston Texas

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