child's play

child's play

a simple photo but i like it very much for the simple reason that it can be interpreted in so many ways, there are layers of stories for your imagination here, one is the reflection of the sky and clouds, or a child's playground, one's childhood, another is the abstract image made by the lines. But for me, i think the best part is the b&w conversion that gives the whole image an eerie feel.

please let me know your take on this image.


Sylvia K

I think it's awesome! Amazing how one photo can have -- what shall I say -- multiple personalities? Really terrific, Dave! Have a great weekend!



The base or sidewalk looks transparent. Very well done. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


It's great. I love it !!

Carolyn Ford

you forgot to mention a "great" one for black and white, too! a very cool shot, Dave!


it is awesome, it remembers we are moving upon thin grounds ...


A deep bow in respect of this photograph !

daily athens

Light and Voices

I admire your imagination to find this shot. Clap. Clapping. Still clapping. Excellence is your game.
Joyce M


What a clever take on Skywatch. You are so good! Looking at the lines make me think of playing hopscotch when I was a little girl. The reflections are beautiful. This is one amazing shot. Kudos!


The photo is stunning. I love your shot, on how you played with the lighting effect to beautifully capture the reflections in the puddles of water. In black and white, it gave a feeling of an abandoned playground. There's is some form of emptiness. Looks like it had just rained symbolizing stormy weather. Eerie at times too. Like the world had lost it colours.


awesome monochrome!



i agree with scott on the amazing threesome, to me i see the abstract first and like that part the most


wonderful light and stunning refelections

Dindin MK

I do love your photo too...
Nice composition! I'm curious about the abstract lines...

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This works on so many levels. The practical mother and granny part of me sees huge and giggling splashes at the far end. The fantasist in me sees a path leading to a magical reflection land. I love those reflections!

Greyscale Territory

Like a fascinating code in a secret message leading to a possible answer buried deep in the reflection! Very creative!


this is indeed another winner.

Vita Stunder

Masterpiece feels like a fart in space compared to this shot - love your art, Dave


Excellent. I like this image in many ways, especially the way you captured the darker tones.

David & Melanie

This is very nice. I like the creative way you have approached a simple topic. The rain and patterns in the water make it a much more complicated image than the striking white squares.
David/ Houston

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