hmmmm! very cryptic indeed!

it is quite hypnotic. it draws my attention to the eyes and sucked me into its void space...CREEPY!

having said that, you have achieved the emotion that you want to elicit with this kind of image...perfect in black and white!!!

Love Letters To China

Perfect shot! Love the darkness and how the light is just barely shining on the nose and mouth.

Tommy Andre Nekkoy

Very good lightning in this picture - Well done


ok, so email me and tell me this. are you taking photos and adding them to a black background, or laying the mask on black? all of these photos from the past few days are extaordinary! i agree this one has a creepy factgor to it. it would be goon on the cover of a best seller murder mystery. i wonder if there is some way you could contact people for using these on book covers. some of them would be perfect.


Fascinating picture, love the dark shadows :)


Thank´s for your comment Dave, it´s my birthday, that´s why I got the choclate and the flowers!
The Phantom gives me the chill, I saw the Phantom at the Opera live, and I still shiver when I hear that music.......♥ Love it!

Mustang Sally

Wicked Spooky! Well done.

Well, huh! It asks for word verification but gives me no word ... hmmm, maybe this time?


Oh I like it! The way the edges fade to black, all that. Excellent!


thanks for the info on the photo. a beautiful mask in color also. I really like the color AND the black and white. I have many running photos of the horses, maybe i should do a post on them running, they are goregous when moving

Self Sagacity

This is awesome photography.


Awesome Dave!!!! Love cominghere looking at all your gorgous photos.


Amazing - scary and tender all at the same time!

Kenneth Larsson

I like the light inte this one. Really nice black @ white photography! Cheers!


great expression although a bit scary ...

Light and Voices

Outside of the box image. Love it!
Joyce M

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