you caught all the LINES, they go sideways and straight and slanted. I sat and stared at each of the sets of lines for a minute or two. great shot as always

Photo Cache

great photo. the details are highlighted in b/w treatment which is really cool.

T. Becque

Nice composition - love the shapes. The darker sepia is nice with this subject.


Circle, arcs, lines...I love them fact, I am OCD on them. This shot is great. The straight vs the curved makes for such an interesting shot. The way you were able to capture the light in all of its muted glory is impressive. Thanks for your continued support and comments on my photos.


you bring childhood back to my mind ... counting the wagons of a very long train ... shouting with joy when there were even more than hundred ... and staring at the lines in motion with fascination ... my Granny waiting at my side and holding my hand ... oh what a happy time!

BraCom (Bram)

beautiful sepia tones
Very nice Blog you have, with stunning photos

Greetings, Bram

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