a bike named desire



Love the edit, the focus seems to right back on his thoughts.

Have a great day.



Strangely enough, I can't seem to access the edited version, just a blank box. I do like the unedited one however (which I can view without any problem).

Carolyn Ford

The photo is not showing here...I hope you can re-post it.


I'll come back by later! Hope you can work out the kinks! :)


if only says a lot to this image. i think its a fitting title.

i can only imagine what's going on in his mind...longing, admiration.

very powerful image...and i do not take the powerful word lightly!

eng of poetic murmuring


That photo really tells a story. Exactly what photography is supposed to be about. I don't know what I'd call it -- maybe "Longing"?

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I do not know how to use photoshop :( It is a beautiful capture.


How about "A new set of wheels"

Beautiful capture. Love the edit! Perfect for the photo!


What a great picture! Love the story it tells.


Whatever you did, I can see the image now and I'd have to agree with what everyone else is saying. It really does convey the feeling in the scene better than the original.

I usually do my B&W conversions to the RAW image (because I'm lazy like that) using a red filter effect (which I also use when I shoot in B&W to begin with) to boost contrast and then adjust in Photoshop using compensation curves and/or histogram levels. I've tinkered with using the channel mixer before, but was never that enamored with the results. (Then again, I don't think I ever got results like this either or my opinion might change!)

So would I have done it differently? Probably so. But considering the results you got, I wouldn't change a thing you did.

As for a title, I know exactly what you mean when you say choosing a title is often harder than getting the shot. And I suppose the title depends a lot on the story you're trying to tell. In this case, there are any number of stories that could be underneath this image. Which one...

Carolyn Ford

You did good! The photo is visible to me now...and, what a great one it is! The mood is so evident in this shot...and, the title is so fitting. A sadness washes over me as I interpret the mood here.

I would love to know just half of what you know about's very impressive!


Wonderful photo. I had no trouble seeing it. You did a great job with this picture. No words needed.


This pic has a very strong expression, perhaps you like the title "A bike named desire" ...? but "if only ..." is very good ... greetings from Austria!

T. Becque

Nice job. I'm partial to b&w anyway, but I do think this conveys more in mono. I like how you included what you did post processing.


I like the way you shot this so much. The content and composition are great.

Mona Sweden

I like the title "If only...". It's a great shot and the photo has a lot to tell.


If I did not give comment about the editing, it is because I'm not too familiar with photoshop. But this monochrome picture touch me; I like the expression of the guy who seems to think about something. Nice shot!


A simple title might be "Remembering." This image packs a lot of power and emotion. What could he be thinking? The viewer fills in the blanks here.


Oh man... What a sad, dramatic photo, with your title on top of it... Awesome.

Kisses from Nydia.


Great shot, love it.


The shot is amazing! Conveys the thoughts across without fussing around!


Good mono image, and interesting subject; I like the 'hard' contrast but probably would have skipped the neutral density at the top. Good one.

Coffeeveggie addict.

your great...i can't say anything than superb,your photos are all great and i love it!


Great conversion with a very long story being told on a few levels. Very good job. The original image, while has the same elements, does not have the visual impact the monochrome version does. Did you ever work in film? I always shot Tri-X Pan and later T-Max 400, both of which had personality, aka grain. When I go for drama and nostalgia I add a bit of grain or noise which takes me back a bit in time. Try it on this one and see if you like it. (It is actually amazing to look at old magazines like Life and see the grain and blur that was pro-photography. They would be laughed out of the room now days for image quality.)

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