Lovely capture. You will hardly ever find a street this empty in India. And the same question, where was this taken?


Fantastique OO


Very moody and powerful shot.


The dark cloud reminds me of the smoke monster in "Lost." I wouldn't be outside either with a cloud like that!


A very emotional picture. It is an excellent portrayal of the title of your blog.


This photo has a lot going for it such as those awesome foreboding clouds and the street curving off and the lady with the bag. It suffers just a little compositionally. I think it could have been improved if you had panned to the left just a little, putting the lady just slightly farther into the picture which would have also put the street a little more to the right and given you better thirds. I really like the sepia monochrome and the overall subject. It is a really good photo. I viewed several of your photos on this blog, there's a lot of good work here, including this one.


I'm not usually a big fan of sepia (I think it's much over-used these days), but it's quite suitable for this scene. If you're inviting comment on composition, I rather like the lady down in the corner where she is. Given the title and what it suggests you were going for, that's not a bad placement. I might have (or maybe not) opted for a shorter focal length to put more foreground (and distance) between me and her. But I'm not the one taking the shot, yeah? And I don't think it suffers for it -- in fact, it puts us "in her shoes" so we feel what she does. Of course I'm not big on "rules", and having never formally studied the art I don't even know most of them. so anything I say should be viewed through that prism. (In other words, I'm not an expert, I just know what I like. And I like this a lot.)


Love the curved narrow street flanked by brick buildings, the ominous clouds and lone pedestrian. Very moody!


What a moody picture, I like!


Lovely capture! I really love it! I wouldn´t mind to have that in my archive.

Carolyn Ford

This is wonderful...the ominous clouds with light piercing down onto the street. The leading lines curving to the right...the lady, definitely alone as she walks beneath that amazing sky...I really like this!

EG Wow

How interesting that the buildings look like they are leaning into each other.

Birgitta "foto CHIP"

Wonderful capture! ... walking alone in the dramatic evening :)


oh my Dave! this is superb! great great shot!

u may view mine here


WOW thats great! What a scene! The sky is making the picture special. Have a great weekend.


A downright wonderful photo. Magic. Thanks.


you've gone a long way bro, i really like this shot, there really is no limit to what you can do


Paul, as you're my brother, thanks for your bias remarks.


Wonderful and moody. I can see a story unfold.


Dave this is a powerfully emotional photograph...beautiful! You have clearly captured a feeling of being alone...the ominous clouds are perfect!!!

Vita Stunder

Emotional and powerful, Dave.
I could write a story based on this shot.

Gena D

What a great image!!!! Great work!
Gena D
Thinking Aloud

T. Becque

The effect of this image is stunning. The clouds are very dramatic.

Gypsy Lala

Great shot, express well of the lonely feeling.

Greyscale Territory

Love the curve of the road to enhance the varied brickwork textures!

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