old man

old man


Tommy Andre Nekkoy

By looking at your work, it gives me lots of inspiration and motivation to take more picktures.
Always a pleasure to visit your blog.


Great conversion Dave. I like the composition and the great contrast. Well done!

Ashley Sisk

Great capture Dave. I love the contrast.

T. Becque

Nice! Did he know you were taking his picture or do you have a great lens?!


A very interesting portrait. Like the angle. Very nice :)


Love the black and white! He looks like such a nice person.

Martha (MM)

What a wonderful photo! Love it! Hope Eng is doing well - please send my best wishes.


he is alive...right?
great photo, love the lighting.


You're probably too young to remember "Life" magazine. This would definitely have been worthy of inclusion in one of their issues!


To sleep like a child and forget the world for a bit ...


I have looked throughout your blog and your a very talented artist enjoyed it immensely . Kev


this is a very awesome photo... great depth of fields and i love the way you took the photo. you really have an eye for beauty.


Just like the Neil Young song... if a song could be photographed.


love your composition here, it brings so striking message, as always, your pictures are an inspiration.


Perfect! And thank you, for your comment Dave, my friend.


I don't know how i missed the fact you have a second blog. this whole blog is wonderful. you have way to much talent, you need to share some with me. i love all your people photos, this one is fantastic and the sleeping child is beyond fantastic.
i love the swan thing and the night time are so good, i have not conqered night time, never really tried. i may try to do something like the swan


Wow I love to look at your beautiful photos. You are a great inspirer.


Great captureand a very interesting portrait.
Regards Halina


A fine and rather different portrait. I like it very much.

Vita Stunder

You're an awesome photographer Dave!
Fabolous portrait!

Greyscale Territory

Wonderful contrasts and skin textures! Love the profile capture of a supine position! Brilliant sense of character!

Dharma Shots

Wonderful capture and looks great in b/w.


Great variation on a portrait

Coffeeveggie addict.

wonderful...the colors are great...

Tommy Andre Nekkoy

I enjoy your blog very much, you inspire me.


Really good photo and your blog is very beautiful!


I want to see the fire you almost posted. waiting. I LOVE FIRE

Pagan Sphinx

If were the subject, I would want a copy of that for myself. :-)

My entry is here

Pål Espen Husøy

A great capture. I like the lighting.


Congratulations Dave for being featured in Weekend in Black and White. You deserve it.

Dindin MK

great angle, great expression...

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