remote control



Hope you recover soon. And I like the picture!


A nostalgic photo with the most suitable title! You have the whole world, yet you are like in a prison (we know why!) Hope to be better soon!


sorry you are having a bad day, but that is still a great photo.


It´s not a crap photo! And I do hope you will be well soon, what have you done? Danced to much maybe? Or to little, that´s really dangerous you know......

Ashley Sisk

Ha ha - I said the same thing last week when I posted a shot of our remote for macro friday - then everyone told me they loved it. I love this shot too. Nice perspective. Now, get well soon!


~well wishes and healing blessings to you as you recover...i have to say i never thought a remote control could look so good!~


Dave, I don't know that you've ever taken a "crap" shot. At least not that you've posted. And definitely not this one. Hope you're healed up soon!

Carolyn Ford
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despite not being able to go out, you still did a wonderful shot, hope you feel better soon.

T. Becque

Well if that's your crap then I guess I don't know a good photo when I see one! I think it's quite nice with the lighting, lines, and shadows. Hope you're doing better soon, I hate being housebound.


hope you are fine again very soon! the picture is great as always, it looks like a bridge connecting one end with another ... well, a remote does the same I suppose ... greetings from kri

Kilauea Poetry

I'm sorry about your foot! Even on a crappy day you manage to pull it off. (I'm using a phone right now, lol))

A 2 Z

At least its only one swollen foot. Hope you feel better soon!



@all, sorry guys for the language and everything, i am just really feeling frustrated being at home and not being able to do what i enjoy most.

and thank you for all your kind words.


hope you are feeling better now Dave and glad that despite your condition you still find great subject to capture and made simple object interesting.


Hi Dave! Hope you're foot is feeling better. Thanks for dropping by for WW.

Moms... Check Nyo


Even your bad days result in wonderful art. Hope your foot is better.


Get well soon... is it the natural lighting or did you make it monochrome?

Vita Stunder

This is NOT a crap shot, Dave! It's awesome.

I hope you get well soon :)


Impressive use of a household "thingy"!


so simple but so good, love it

Carolyn Ford

Simply perfect lighting and composition which makes this common gadget look extraordinary!


I like the lines, and the simplicity of the shot. You excel at both.

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