Carolyn Ford

That IS awesome! I love the perspective and the illumination of the clouds above. Another great one, Dave!

Sylvia K

Oh, this is awesome indeed! Fantastic, Dave! I can only echo what Carolyn has written! So very creative, stunning! Have a great weekend!



Wow this is awesome and cool
Like it a lot.

Happy weekend.


Ominous and beautiful at the same time!
Love your work!

(Round The Bend)


Very well executed shot.

Cezar and Léia

Magnificent, I like so much the angle in this fabulous shot!Something like a feeling of movie,very artistic!
Happy weekend,
Léia _ Bonjour Luxembourg and little LUNA - our kitty from WE LOVE LUNA


Wonderful and mysterious:)

The Aethernaut

Fabulous image - not your average skywatch post! Had a look around the rest of your blog and each image is stunning, makes me blush when I think of the quality of my entry :)

Suzi Smith

stunning.... hope you don't get bored with all these compliments flying around... but your stuff gets better n better!!


Wonderful. Any other colour would have ruined the mood of this shot.


Oh that's the moodiness.


I ran across this fascinating picture on SkyWatch Friday... Then I read this description, "In this photoblog you will find images that are related to anything dark or with any shades of black."

Perfect... I'm in...


looking up at the darkness and light

Greyscale Territory

A breathtaking perspective! An exciting view of reflections!


Love it. Looking at it feels like I was right at the bottom of the building looking up. It makes me dizzy for some reason. It's not a bad thing. It only means that your photo looks so real. And I can imagine that it will start to rain anytime soon it makes me want to take cover. hahahaha


I can only say that I agree with all of these comments - this is an outstanding photo!


And thank you Dave, love you! Give your sweet wife a kiss from me!!!
Only one day left....


Amazing perspective, Dave! Mysterious and haunting. Love it! :)

EG Wow

You make the building look so tall...which I guess it is!


i may sound like a broken record, but you definitely is very good at what you do, great job Dave, you and eng are really so awesomely talented


Looks like a storm is about to let loose.

The Mommy

Ok, I need to see no more. I'm a fan and a follower! You just have to post how you do your edits. They are amazing.
Love your blog:)

Kilauea Poetry

This is so surreal- really a dream like your incredible image!!


Amazing, as always.


Simply outstanding!!!

T. Becque

Thanks for the detailed steps for b&w conversion Dave! I appreciate that and I'm going to play around with what you suggested.
I'm repeating what others have already said, but this image is incredible.


WOW! I really love the perspective in this one and the reflection is perfect!!! :D


I really like the symmetry and the reflection. It works so well in B/W.

Love Letters To China

What a great shot! I love the shadows from the clouds that are reflecting in the glass windows. I always love to see what you post each week. It makes me want to get out and photograph inanimate objects instead of people. Well done!


I love your pictures. Nice contrast in this and the reflection of the clouds is really nice.

Life with Kaishon

Absolutely stunning. I love this!


Fantastic. Simply fantastic. The little bit of light crowning the roof line is the perfect foil for the reflection in the windows, and the brick almost looks "soft" (for want of a better word).

Colin and Jill Canada

Really great shot. Especially with the reflection. And clouds, well you can't help but capture clouds in the UK!! ;)


Amazing..and ominous...and frightening (a little).
So cool.
I feel like Jack looking up at The Giant.


I like the contrast of the fuzzy clouds and the crisp stones.

Vita Stunder

All I can say... Remarkable, Dave!!
Gorgeous tones and outstanding perspective!

Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Anna

Anna Carin Ahlander

That is one perfect photo, love the perspective and the reflections.. Soo good!
Have a great evening!

Dindin MK


yes, i felt the darkness within when i saw this picture...

car wrecker

Kamangha-mangha pong tunay, magaling at kaibig- ibig ang iyong mga gawa! :)

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